Project AqABA WTC - Jordan

Within the creation of an interior waterfront, a new architectural presence of symbolic nature to chareacterize the future image and challenges of the developing city of Aqaba, a few maters away from Eilat across the Israeli border. A hotel, reatail restuarants, cultural center, cinema complex, theaters are to be sheltered here.

The anchored structure acts as a meeter and greeter's hall for the entire city, incorporating an urban space where boats and pedestrians converge. The stark contrast between the staunt yet open outer shapre, and the fragmented and open condition inside, accepts the culture and geographic conditions of this spectacular site.

Location: Aqaba, Red Sea, Jordan
Client: Americas Partners, Sea Hotel Company
Date: 2002-2007
Area: 43,000 m2

Architect's Shortlist Winning Entry